Veterinary Gynaecology

  • Bovine : Applied clinical anatomy and embryology of female reproductive tract
  • Hereditary and congenital anomalies of female reproductive tract
  • Puberty and sexual maturity and their endocrine control
  • Delayed puberty- Its causes, clinical approach, treatment and prevention of delayed puberty
  • Applied reproductive physiology and endocrinology of oestrous cycle
  • Oestrous cycle : types and factors affecting the length of the oestrous cycle
  • Aberrations of oestrus and their clinical management and problems in oestrus detection and oestrus detection aids
  • Transportation and survivability of gametes in female reproductive tract
  • Follicular Dynamics and its clinical impact on fertility improvement
  • ovulation and aberrations of ovulation-Incidence causes, diagnosis treatment and prevention of ovulatory failures
  • Fertilization and aberrations of fertilization- Fertilization failures
  • embryonic mortality-incidence, causes, diagnosis,treatment and prevention 
  • Pathological affections of ovary, uterine tubes, uterus, cervix , vagina and external genitalia 
  • Clinical management of specific and non-specific forms of infectious infertility
  • Role of nutrition, climate and stress on reproductive efficiency – Managemental causes of infertility
  • Anoestrus and repeat breeding syndrome
  • Diagnostic procedures in infertility investigation
  • Clinical uses of hormones and drugs in the management of infertility
  • Surgical procedures for correction of abnormalities of the female reproductive tract.
  • Herd reproductive health management and fertility parameters in individual animals and in herds.
  • Assisted reproductive techniques:
  • Synchronization of estrus and ovulation and its principle. methodology and implications
  • Multiple ovulation and Embryo transfer technology-In vitro fertilization.
  • Equines: oestrous cycle- Seasonality- breeding management
  • Aberrations of oestrous cycle and ovulations
  • Techniques of Pregnancy diagnosis-
  • Clinical management of specific and non-specific forms of infectious infertility
  • Diagnostic procedures in infertility investigation
  • Ovines and caprines: oestrous cycle- Seasonality- Control of oestrous cycle and infertility
  • Swines : oestrous cycle- breeding management- Techniques of Pregnancy diagnosis and infertility Canines and Felines : oestrous cycle- breeding management-
  • Phantom pregnancy-
  • Medical termination of pregnancy
  • Aberrations of oestrous cycle
  • Medical and surgical management of affections of ovary, uterine tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina and external genitalia
  • Methods of Population control by medical and surgical techniques.
  • Comparative reproductive events in camel Principle, procedure and application of
  • ultrasonography in farm and pet animal reproduction

Farm and pet animals – Maternal recognition of pregnancy – Applied Endocrinology of pregnancy –
Pregnancy diagnosis- Duration of pregnancy -Factors affecting gestation length- Care and
management of pregnant animals- Implantation, Placentation- Classification, functions –Wandering of
ovum- Telegony- Superfetation and Superfecundation – Clinical management of specific and non specific
causes of abortion, extra uterine pregnancy, dropsy of fetal membranes and fetus, mummification,
maceration, cervicovaginal prolapse, uterine torsion and hysterocele. Parturition- Signs of approaching
parturition – Stages of parturition – Initiation and induction of parturition – lactational disorders –
Puerparium and factors affecting puerparium – Postpartum care of the dam and neonate in different species of
farm and pet animals – Dystocia – Classification – Clinical signs and diagnosis – Handling of
Fetal and maternal dystocia – Obstetrical interventions – Mutation – Forced extraction – Fetotomy –
Cesarean section in small and large animals – Maternal obstetrical paralysis – Retention of fetal membranes,
Total uterine prolapse and common metabolic diseases of puerperal period – Post partum hemorrhage –
Sub involution of placental sites – Injuries incidental to parturition – Post partum uterine infections –
Post partum resumption of ovarian activity . 

Farm and pet animals – Comparative clinical reproductive anatomy and endocrinology of the male
reproduction – Common congenital and genetic defects of the male reproductive tract – Puberty and
sexual maturity and factors affecting them – Sexual behaviour and libido – Sperm transport, erection
and ejaculation – Coital injuries and vices in male animals – Semen and ejaculate – Semen
collection techniques- Structure of Spermatozoa – Semen evaluation – Semen extenders, dilution,
preservation and post thaw evaluation – Artificial insemination techniques in farm and pet animals –
Forms of male infertility – Impotentia coeundi and impotentia generandi – Affections of the scrotum,
testis, accessory sex glands, penis and prepuce – Breeding soundness evaluation of bull – In vitro tests for
evaluation of male fertility – Medical and surgical techniques for population control of the male reproduction
– Surgical procedure on the male reproductive tract in farm and pet animals.

  1. Types and functions of placenta in different species
  2. Diseases & accidents during gestation – Abortion in domestic animals – diagnosis & control
  3. Dropsy of fetal membranes and fetus
  4. Fetal mummification, maceration, pyometra & mucometra
  5. Prolonged gestation
  6. Teratology
  7. Premature birth
  8. Uterine torsion
  9. Cervico- vaginal prolapse
  10. Termination of pregnancy
  11. Parturition
  12. Puerperium and involution of uterus in domestic animals
  13. Care and management of dam and newborn
  14. Dystocia – Types of dystocia- maternal & fetal – approach, diagnosis & Treatment
  15. Epidural & other anaesthesia in obstetrical practice
  16. Obstetrical operations – Mutation, Forced extractions, fetotomy & caesarean section
  17. Injuries and diseases in relation to parturition
  18. Postpartum diseases and complications, uterine prolapse, retention of fetal membranes, metritis and postpartum paraplegia
  19. Animal birth control – ovariohysterectomy and non-surgical interventions

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