Reason of Deficiency:

i. Defective absorption of Iron


• Haematinic preparations may be used in less severe cases and as supporive treatment after transfusion. Iron administration by mouth or parenterally. Preparation if Injectet I/V will give a rapid response and I/V injection of organic iron preparations, will give less rapid but more prolonged result.

Haematinic mixture – 1.2gm for cattle & Horse

Iron Preparation

Ferrous or Ferric Sulphate, Dose 4-8 g b.i.d. for 3 days.

In case of iron deficiency anaemia

Tab Ferrous sulphate 200mg orally thrice daily @2-6 gm/kg b.w untill Hb% reach normal + extra 2-3 months

Ferrous sulphate as Prepared tablet:

Fersolate tablet (Glaxo)-1 to 2 tab. b.i,d. for, dog,

Ferric-et ammon citrus is used in dog single dose.

Ferrous succinate

Haematrin (Sandoz) Dose : 1 or ½ cap. b.i.d. for dog.

Cal-d-uibra (Cadilla) Dose : 1 to 2 t.s.f. b.i.d. for dog.

Inj. Imferon with B12: available in 2 ml. amp.

Sig.-4 amp. (6 to 8 ml) at a time daily or alternate days according to severity through IM route.


In iron deficiency anaemia-

Inj.Imferon 2-10ml deep i.m alternative day

1st day 50mg

3rd day 100mg

5th day 150mg

7th day onwards 200mg till recovery

Imferon in 5% glucose solution as drip i.v can be used

Jectofer (available in 1.5 ml amp.) through I/M route.

Iron dextran (TCF)-5-10 ml through I/M route.

Vit. B12 is widely used as a non-specific haematinic particularly in horse.

Liver extract: When protein synthesis is impaired then liver extract is given for haemopoiesis.

Livogen inj. (Glaxo)-10 ml vial, Sig. 5-10ml in alternative day when there is severe anaemia.

Belamyl inj. (Sarabai)10 ml vial, Sig. 5-10ml in alternative day when there is severe anaemia.

Livogin syrup (Glaxo) 1-2 t.s.f. b.i.d. orally for small animal.

Iron-sorbitol-citric acid complex

Iron-dextran complex

Androgenic steroid may be used to stimulate bone marrow by increasing erythropoiesis via erythropoietin elevation.

Iron salt on teat for young

Iron rich diet

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